HR Payroll Outsourcing in Malaysia

Malaysia has long enjoyed a business-beneficial geographical location, abundant natural resources and skilled workforce. We have strong willingness to embrace opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital space. Favourable for its cost-competitive and strategic location, Malaysia emerges as a great place for companies to grab the talents. However, navigating its business and regulatory environment can be quite a challenge. With our extensive experience in HR payroll outsourcing, you can run your business rest assured that it’s compliant with Malaysia’s statutory laws.

Over the past years, we have been serving clients from Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, UK and etc. Our payroll outsourcing service helps your business to:
  • Free up time so that you could focus on the core business activities.
  • Reduce HR costs and admin burden.
  • Get payroll reports, bank payment files and online payslips for your employees.
  • Minimise compliance and legislative risks.
In short, we make your HR process hassle free therefore we offer comprehensive and effective payroll outsourcing services that can meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Corford is selected as the best HR companies in Malaysia over the past years. We have been featured in various sites that recommended professional HR companies. It’s a success story we would like to share with, and we would keep our quality works for now and future.

PEO & EOR services

Expand your operations into Malaysia seamlessly with our PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and EOR (Employer of Record) services without first setting up a legal entity. Whether you're relocating existing employees or making new hires, our comprehensive PEO/EoR employment solutions offer the perfect entry point for your market expansion.

As a professional employer organization (PEO), we serve as the official employer of record (EOR) for your workforce in Malaysia. Our extensive PEO services enable you to outsource employment functions until you're prepared for the next phase of growth.

1. Transparency is our priority.
From service proposals to legal documentation and monthly payroll reports, we ensure complete transparency without hidden fees, empowering you to venture into Malaysia with confidence.

2. Benefit from dedicated support.
With a dedicated account manager overseeing all your projects, you'll enjoy streamlined communication and efficient coordination with our team.

3. Stay compliant, stay ahead.
Embark on your expansion journey in Malaysia while staying compliant with local regulations, thanks to our comprehensive corporate services and advisory solutions.

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